Hello. Welcome to my website.  We hope that our website will give you some ideas about the consultancy we offer to mental health, housing and social care services.  We offer support for organisational change through individual and team coaching, team building and team awaydays and consultancy. 

Our techniques include: solution focused coaching and supervision; planning for change and project management; action learning; exploring new possibilities through structured challenge; service audit and open space technology.

We will be pleased to talk with you about your individual requirements, without commitment, on the telephone or in person.  You can get in touch with us on the phone numbers below, or use the contact page on this website.  We are always delighted to get a message through our website. 


Penny West

Penny West's mobile: 07958 383 325  

Direct line: tel/fax: +44(0)20 8348 8064                                                         HitCounter

ORCHARD SOLUTIONS: positive approaches to change - empowering managers, staff and service users
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